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About Thailand Krav Maga

About Thailand Krav Maga

About Thailand Krav Maga; Thailand Krav Maga is the only recognised IKMF training centre in Thailand and is the centre for the IKMF – Thailand. Training methodology is state of the art. Using training methods and psychology developed by the IDF our system of teaching guarantees rapid results. It’s reckoned our methods will increase your progress by up to six times faster than conventional teaching methods. Krav Maga defences are based on human reflexes. When we were children we had more instinctive reflexes, as we grow older we train some of this instinctive behaviour our of ourselves yet under stress or pressure we tend to revert to our natural instinctive reflex motions. As Krav Maga is based around this instinctive behaviour Krav Maga is easy to learn and easy to retain. It also means that it works even under pressure, which is when you need it most.

Krav Maga Thailand offers training modules, regular classes, courses and seminars, small group training, bespoke courses for police, military and security. We also offer well as private tuition.

Krav Maga Thailand training is for everybody no matter what body type or fitness levels. You train within your personal capabilities in a safe and controlled environment. Everybody has the right to defend themselves and their family.

I teach people Krav Maga for one reason and that reason is summed up by the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld; “So that one may walk in peace”[CP_CONTACT_FORM_PAYPAL]