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Building Aggression and Determination

Building Aggression and Determination


Building Aggression and Determination is Four hours of Krav Maga Training specifically designed to bring out your aggression in a controlled manner, increase your determination or ‘fighting spirit’ and focus. The training set is taken from the IDF so we know what we’re doing. When defending yourself or your friends and family sometimes the need for total aggression is required. The ability to switch from a passive state to an aggressive state without hesitation might save your life. The ability to switch back from an aggressive state to a passive state without hesitation is always necessary.

The Building Aggression and Determination course includes a bit of hard physical training to put your body under pressure and then mental training to enable you to make the switch from passive to aggressive and back again without hesitation. You will be surprised at what you are capable of!

The exercises, both physical and mental, will help you learn how to operate under pressure or stress. Krav Maga Training is not only about teaching you the correct responses or defences to different attacks but also about preparing you mentally to cope under the stress of these attacks to ensure your defences and counter attacks are always effective. Krav Maga Training is also about safety in training; These exercises do not involve contact fighting – only on the pads et.,Training is always in a controlled atmosphere with proper supervision and forethought. With this in mind you should bring appropriate protection, a groin guard is a must and gumshield if you have one. Body protectection for arms and legs is not needed. Do bring plenty of water and protein snacks are good too.

The Building Aggression and Determination course is always popular and always fully booked. Not only will you learn something necessary for your well being but you will have immense fun on this course too.

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