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Induction Course

Induction Course

Induction Course   COST: 1,100 BAHT. Advanced Booking only

Induction Course. 4 hours of intensive learning. Before starting Krav Maga Training there is a required four hour Induction Course. The Induction Course covers the essential core basics and principles of Krav Maga and the principles of Krav Maga Training. What this means is a student will fit into an existing class or group and understand what is going on and therefore be able to get the most from the classes immediately.

The Induction Course is also an excellent stand alone self defence course and you will not only learn a lot but have a greater understanding of self defence combined with the ability to deal with the most common type of attacks. You will also start to learn how to cope with pressure in a controlled environment. The Induction Course is intensive – but not so physically hard – and also fun!

Begining with identifying different attacks;

You will defend against common attacks including circular type attacks such as  roundhouse swinging punches and also;

• straight punches

• chokes or strangle holds from the front – including avoidance, de-escalation and prevention

• Defence against front kick such as a kick to the groin

• You will have an introduction to knife defences

You will learn how to counter-attack effectively. This includes training;

• Different angles of attacks

• Attacking through various distances (long, medium and close quarters)

• Attacks with hands (open hand and closed fist), elbows, feet and knees. (include hammer strikes)

• Combinations of attacks

You will train the Krav Maga way and gain an understanding of why we work as we do. Why we use the fighting (outlet or ready) stances and how to make a proper fist for an example. Everything you will learn and practice is explained clearly so you understand why you are doing things in a certain way and maybe not in another way. If you’re not sure about something then ask! It might be you have learned to do certain things and a different way, please ask if you would like to know why we do things differently sometimes.

You will need:

1. Suitable footwear. Non-marking trainers are best.

2. Loose fitting clothing for training. You can wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms, whatever you’re comfortable with.

3. Bring a bottle of water and a snack – bananas are ideal.

4. Preferably a groin guard if you have one.

5. Bring a notepad and pen in case you want to take notes.

6. Any protection you wish – forearm protectors etc are all fine.