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Military Instructor Course

Military Instructor Course

Military Instructor Course

Krav Maga’s origins are from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF). When Israel became a nation again in May of 1948 it was instantly at war with it’s neighbouring countries. Israel’s soldiers needed to be ready for combat immediately. There was no time for 6 month boot camps, what was needed was a fighting system that was easy and quick to learn. Krav Maga had to be easy to retain and work under extreme pressure when it was needed the most. This meant a need for military training instuctors and the need for a Military Instructor Course. The Military Instructor Course was really the first course in the Krav Maga system and so Krav Maga was born thanks to Imi Lichtenfeld, who was then Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness and Krav Maga at the IDF School of Combat Fitness. It was Imi who designed the Military Instructor Course.

The simple, effective and aggressive techniques require minimal training time and deliver maximum results, even under extreme duress. The system deals with scenarios where, for any number of reasons, operators face life threatening situations when they are unarmed. Krav Maga gives options or in which higher force alternatives cannot immediately be accessed. The operator must be able to respond with sound, aggressive, unarmed defensive techniques and combatives until a transition to a higher force option can be achieved ir required. The program features both offensive and defensive techniques.

We also offer courses in Israeli Combat shooting and many other fileds of requirement.

The IKMF has specialist and dedicated instructors for it;s Military Instructor Course who have a minimum of teaching Instructors within the IDF for a minimum of five years. There is no organisation in the World with our experience.

We provide Instructor Certification Courses, Seminars (end-user training), Private Courses and Customized Courses to meet your needs. We have mobile training teams that travel to provide training.

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