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Modular Courses

Modular Courses

Thailand Krav Maga Modular Courses;  3 Hours a week for 10 weeks. Cost 7,500 Baht. Advance Booking Only

Pioneered by the Alwyn Dixon School of Krav Maga and now offered by Thailand Krav Maga a logival way to progress with Krav Maga training.

Modular Courses; The first module in the series of courses covers a lot of material. There are of course repetitions from the material in the induction course, but during this module you will train for defences against various attacks;


• Outside defences against circular attacks including knife attack

• Inside defences against straight punches. First series.

• Outside defences against punches. First series.

• Defence against groin kick. First series.

• Defence against groin kick, First and second series.

• Defence against roundhouse kick. First series defences using legs.

• Defence against roundhouse kick. First series defences using forearms (outside forearm)

• Defences against chokes from around the body; (front, side and rear)

• Defence against side headlock. First series.

• Defence against knife threat. First series defending against a threat from a medium distance.

• Defence against knife attack. First series defending against downward and upward type of attacks.

• Defending multiple attackers. First series.

More attacks and combinations including

• Straight punches to different heights and directions.

• Hammer strikes to different direction and chopping strikes.

• Elbow strikes to different directions (horizontal)

• Regular front kicks. First series.

• Roundhouse kicks. First series.

• Low Stomping and defensive kicks to the front, back and side.

• Knee strikes.

• Combining attacks with hands and feet etc.

• Rhythms’ of attacks.

At Thailand Krav Maga we have a wealth of experince to call on. During your Krav Maga Training you will be introduced to slow fighting. Slow fighting enables you to practice defences and counter attacks in a controlled way which helps you to identify the attacks correctly. There will be some light pressure training such as reacting from a passive stance with your closed eyes. We will also train simulations such as ATM hold ups and training in the dark or in confined spaces such as stair wells.

After this then of course we start with module two. For more informations on the syllabi for the training modules please contact Thailand Krav Maga