How to choose slow juicer best buy?

The slow juicer is gradually becoming an indispensable device in every kitchen. Nowadays, fruit smoothies are no longer the popular drink, instead a cup of pure fruit or vegetables is a popular choice.

A modern lifestyle with lots of healthy diets and diets has motivated people to use fruit and vegetable juices more.

That’s why a slow juicer is becoming a staple in the kitchen.

However, choosing a slow juicer is not an easy task, but don’t worry, we will show you how to choose buy a best slow juicer.

#1 Food type

To be able to choose the most suitable slow juicer, you should choose based on the type of food you use primarily. Determine whether you will mainly drink fruit juice or fruit juice.

Why? This is simply because some types of slow juicer do not work well with fruit but do work well with vegetables and vice versa.

So, determining which foods you will use primarily will help you choose the most suitable slow juicer.

#2 Chute

You should really find a slow juicer with a large chute so you can save time preparing before starting the machine.

A large chute will be able to hold large pieces of fruit, so you don’t need to cut them into small pieces anymore. This job may seem simple but it takes a lot of time.

A large chute will also help to keep the nutrients and enzymes beneficial in fruits and vegetables to be maximized. Large pieces of fruit will not undergo structural changes compared to small pieces.

#3 Ease of use

A slow juicer should be easy to use because you won’t want to struggle to start it every morning.

You should also choose simple, easy-to-use ones and come with a detailed user guide for the product.

The parts of the slow juicer should also be easily removable for convenience in cleaning.

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