Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner: Siphon No Spill Vs Eheim Quick Vacpro

A vacuum cleaner is an essential product for every aquarium. Aquarium substrate cannot clean itself and the vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to remove all the fish wastes, excess food, dead plants, and debris built up in your aquarium.

There are two types of gravel vacuums Siphon vacuums and Electric vacuums. If you are looking for the best aquarium vacuum cleaner, I recommend that you should consider 2 products below: Python No Spill Clean and Fill VS. Eheim Quick Vacpro.

#1 Operation of Siphon and Electric vacuum

Python is the most popular type of gravel vacuum. Python No Spill Clean and Fill has a simple design include a hose and hollow tube. It uses the gravity siphons to suck up dirt and wastes from the bottom of the tank.

Eheim Quick Vacpro is the electric vacuum. It operates differently from the siphon, it does not take the water out of tour aquarium. It will pump the water into itself automatically, trapping any wastes included in the water.

Both Python No Spill Clean and Fill and Eheim Quick Vacpro deserves to be the best aquarium gravel, but they do have some differences.

#2 Assemble and use

The hose of Python No Spill Clean and Fill is 25-100 feet lengths. With these lengths it can stretch from the bottom of the tank to the sick, which means you can suck out the water and pipe water directly into your sink.

Due to that, you will not drain water into a bucket in the vacuuming process. You will not concern about spilling into the room when cleaning.

You do not have to assemble this model. However, it is not really easy to use at first-time use. You need to learn how to use it since the siphon needs to be primed so the water flows continuously.

Eheim Quick Vacpro does not require any complicated assemble. It is easy to use even for a newbie. It does not contain the hose but note that thus electric aquarium vacuum has limitations depth, you should not use is for the tank that deeper than 3 feet.

#3 Cost

It is obvious that the siphon is the cheapest way to vacuum aquarium. With $40 you can have a 25’ Python No Spill. Meanwhile, The Eheim Quick Vacpro is much more expensive than the siphon model.

Moreover, Eheim Quick Vacpro uses 4 AA batteries to run. If you used disposable batteries, the cost for it will increase soon. It is better to purchase rechargeable AA batteries.

#4 Efficiency

Python No Spill Clean and Fill has a large vacuum head, it is an ideal vacuum method for more than 55 gallons tank.

Due to its large vacuum head, the cleaning with this siphon is also much faster than other siphons. But it is also the problem if you have a small creature in the tour tank.

This vacuum cleaner not only vacuums and change the water, but it also adds water back in your tank by connecting the faucet adapter with the end of the hose.

Electric vacuum absolutely the fastest and easiest way to clean the tank. It can be a perfect product for people who prefer to clean the tank frequently.

Eheim Quick Vacpro sucks up the water from the bottom and filter it by the super-fine mesh and then add the water back to the tank. This offers powerful suction that much stronger than siphon vacuums. It is clean effectively even the debris that has lie in the crevices of the gravel.

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