What are popular treats for chinchillas?

Treating your chinchilla with something delicious is a good way to bond you with them. But giving treats for chinchilla is quite complicate due to their sensitive digestion system.

When feeding your chinchilla treats you have to make sure that they are safe and nutritional. The foods those are safe for other animals and rodents not means that they are safe for chinchillas. In this post, we specifically give you the best chinchilla treats that you may be considering offering your pets.

#1 A teaspoon of dried herbs every few days

Herbs such as dried dandelion roots and leaves, rosemary, hibiscus, parsley, strawberry, and blackberry leaves is good taste and safe for chinchillas. You can by these herbs dry or dry them at home and offer chinchilla several times a week. Do not feed them more than 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a weeks. Or you can choose some best hay for chinchillas to treat them well.

In order to provide dried herbs for chinchillas, you can buy individual herbs or mix some different types of herbs for your pets. However, you should buy herbs specialised pet food store or to a herbalist for the highest quality. Ensure that there are no pesticides, animal waste, or any other chemical or pollutant contained in the herbs.

#2 Offer nut and linseed 1-2 times a week

Nut and linseed when be offered in the moderation can be good for digestion and can help manage constipation of chinchillas. However, nuts and seeds are very high in fat, so do not give your chinchilla more than 2 times per week. You can offer them 2 sunflower seeds per week or a mixture of soy and linseed in the small amount. They will also help to maintain your Chinchilla’s beautiful coat.

#3 Small pieces of Wheat or Cheerios

You can shed the plain, unfrosted wheat to a small squares or plain cheerios to feed your chinchillas. Wheat should be beaked in a mini square and only give chinchilla one haft of it. Cheerious should not be offer more than 2 pieces,

Cereal is the good treat for chinchilla but chinchilla should not be fed it every day. It is better to allow them it cereal once every few days.

#4 Dried raisin or dried cranberry 1 time a week

Normally, you may be recommended to avoid giving your chinchilla dried raisins as they are too rich for your Chinchilla to digest regularly. But they are only should not to be offered entirely, with small amount and only once time offed per week, dried fruit can be a delicious treat.

Remember that Raisins or dried cranberries and cereal should not be offered for chinchilla at the same day. Avoid feeding chinchilla fresh fruit since it can cause bloat for your pets.

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