Best Crested Gecko Food: Pangea VS. Repashy

Crested geckos are an easy-going lizard species to keep as pets. They do not require any complicated, expensive and special care. And it is ever truer when it comes to crested gecko food.

The commercial food is considered as the best crested gecko food since it is the simplest and easiest way to provide complete nutrition to your pets. Besides, many owners also prefer to supplement crested gecko with plant-based foods and insects.

There are many different brands of crested gecko diet, this post is about three types of them that will help you get the right food for your pets: Pangea Fruit Mix with Insect VS. Repashy MRP Diet.

#1 Ingredients

The ingredient is the most important factor that you should consider at first. The food should be made of safe, rich nutrients and natural ingredients. It is also should contain the luscious tasty flavor, which attach crested gecko to eat.

Pangea mix includes insects, papaya, apricot and banana and other nutritious ingredients. It is formulated with insects is the main ingredients and all-natural fruits that are nutritious and delicious for crested gecko. Both babies and adults crested gecko will easily enjoy this flavor

The Pangea mix made from meat-based food and plant-based food, 100% natural and extremely fresh, that means it simulates crested gecko natural diet very well. It might quite expensive but also worth the money.

Repashy food flavor it made with freeze-dried banana as the main source of fruit, plus mangoes, figs, watermelon, hibiscus, and more. It is available in several different flavors. However, there are also some users who reviewed that their crested geckos do not like this flavor.

#2 Nutritional value

The nutritional value of Pangea includes 21% protein, 5.7% fat, 8% fiber. And Respashy nutrient levels are protein min 25%, fat min 7%, fiber max 8%. These analyses are necessary for the owners are aware of what they are feeding their pets.

Look into these nutritional values, you can keep your mind that both Pangea and Prsashy is safe to assume for your crested geckos since they are all not filled with fullers. You are recommended to feed the omnivorous reptiles with the diet of 20-25% protein,3-6% fat and 20-35% fiber.

It is not difficult to see that Pangea and Respashy offer the amount of protein and fat that crested gecko needed. However, to achieve this ratio, you also should provide your crested geckos more greens, fruits or vegetables.

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