Is the best fish tank gravel vacuum necessary?

If you are keeping an aquarium, you will know that the cleaning tank and changing the water regularly is not an easy job and took you a lot of time. You are thinking about buying a gravel vacuum but there are a lot of questions about gravel vacuums. You do not know if it worth the price or not?

The answer is yes, you absolutely need a gravel vacuum. The best aquarium gravel vacuum is simple but very handy pieces of equipment and should indispensable in any tank.

What does gravel vacuum use for?

Changing water

If you have a not too large aquarium, the best fish tank gravel vacuum also doing the work of an aquarium water changer. Changing water plays an important role in keeping your tank clean and provide a healthy environment for your fish. Using a gravel vacuum is the easiest and cheapest way that you can to siphon water out of your aquarium.

Cleaning your substrate

The particulate prices made of fish waste, dead plant, excess food, etc in your tank need to removed regularly. These particulates will cause problems with your water. The best aquarium gravel will such them away while still keep your substrate stays in place.

These particulate prices will build up in the substrate and then break down into ammonia and nitrate which are environmental hazards. The substrate can’t clean itself. This is the reason why you need a gravel vacuum.

Moreover, some types of fish and plants can only survive in a certain environment. They need the pH in water maintained in the right range. And the gravel vacuum could also help to maintain the chemistry in water.

Dose the vacuuming gravel remove beneficial bacteria?

The vacuum will remove only small particulate prices, which aren’t microscopic like good bacteria. In addition, the good bacteria are very tiny and they live deeply in your substrate within the crevices. Therefore, the vacuuming will not remove significantly your beneficial bacteria.

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