Best food for leopard geckos: Josh’s Frogs 3/4″ Banded Crickets VS. Bassett’s Live Mealworms

Leopard geckos are probably the most popular reptiles to keep as pets today. It may because they are docile, easy-going animals that does not require any complicated care. Under proper care, leopard geckos can live for a very long time.

Feeding leopard geckos is not a difficult task but also require some research from the owners.

The best food for leopard geckos should give them all the nutrients they need. In order to help you choose the right food for your pets, this post is the comparison of two leopard gecko foods:  Josh’s Frogs 3/4″ Banded Crickets VS. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch 1000 Live Super worms.

#1 Alive and freshness ingredient

Natural, live insects should be the highest priority, the staple food for your leopard geckos. These insects that you feed your pets should be fresh and alive. Although fresh food has a shorter time of preservative it is always better than freeze-dried or dehydrated food.

When it comes to diet for leopard gecko, crickets are definitely included.  Josh’s Frogs provide a source of live crickets, which are great feeders for leopard geckos. The life of food is guaranteed by delivering in temperatures between 10-85 degrees F.

These mealworms that are bred and sold by Bassett’s Cricket Ranch in California is live guaranteed by shipping in breathable cloth bags. Bassett’s Cricket Ranch also give the user with 10 to 15% extra in the case if there are any dead worms on arrival. They also guarantee live delivery year-around.

#2 Properly sized

When feeding to your leopard gecko, the size of the feeder is very important. Make sure that they are not too large in size or your pets will be difficult to pray and digest. We recommend do not to feed them any insect equal to or larger than the gap between your gecko’s eyes.

Josh’s Frogs Banded Feeder Crickets and Bassett’s Cricket Ranch Mealworms are of great size at ¾ inches. Due to the size, these foods should be feed for adult leopard geckos. Baby and juvenile geckos should be fed with smaller insects.

#3 Nutrient enriched

Nutritional Information for leopard gecko banded cricket includes moisture 69.07%, Fat 6.01%, Protein 21.32%, Fiber 3.2%. Crickets are easy to find, very high in protein and low in fat, they gut-loads well, so you can give your geckos with all the nutrients it needs.

Mealworms include moisture 62.44%, Fat 12.72%, Protein 20.27%, Fiber 1.73%. You should be careful when feeding your geckos with mealworms since they are very high in protein but they also contain a significant amount of fat too. They are also tougher to digest when compared to crickets.

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