Frequently asked questions about best horse grooming brushes

Grooming routine is key to keeping a horse healthy and should not be done superficial. The time you spent to groom your horse will helps you go a long way in building a stronger bond between you and your horse.

This job is not as simple as getting the best horse grooming brushes, it is also clearly know about how to properly do it right. Allocating a few extra minutes to read the entire post will bring many benefits for your horse.

#1 Why do you need different types of brushes?

Brushes come with the different in length, thickness and materials that are designed to serve different purposes. For example, the short, thick, stiff bristles of brush like dandy brush or curry comb is use for the horse that have obstinate stain in their coat after they roll in the mud.

A brush with medium length, slightly stiff bristles such as body brush is use for removing finer dust particles and hair and smoothes the coat.

Soft bristled brushes can be used in the sensitive areas of the horses such as the underside of their belly. You can choose the best horse grooming kits, it contains all the tools you need.

#2 How to clean brushes

About once a week, wash your grooming materials in the warm water with a non-toxic soap or detergent. You also should whisk around the brushes to loosen the dirt and grime. Then wash them again until the water is clear after you soak them.

Remember to rinse thoroughly the brushes and there is no any soap leaf, because if you groom your horse with the brushes contains soap, it can cause irritate to horses’ skin. The rubber curry comb is made of 100% synthetic, so you can wash it with washing machine and old towels for a thorough cleaning.

#3 How long does it take to groom a horse?

The time you have to spend for grooming will depends of how dirty your horse is. On average, it take about 15-30 minutes is enough time to groom a horse. If your horse is just finished he work or he has recently roll in the mud, it will make you more time. But if you do grooming everyday as a routine, you will finish the job earlier.

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