Frequently asked questions about best litter for rabbits

Rabbits are going to spend a lot of time on that bedding, so you should make sure you select the best litter for rabbits and also understand how to proper use these litters. Reading the information provided by manufacturer carefully may not answer all your question about litter for rabbits.

This is why we write down here some frequently asked questions about litter for rabbit that you should know to ensure the optimal enclosure for your pets.

#1 How much litter does a rabbit need

The litter should be thick enough to soak up the urine of rabbits. So the amount of bedding a rabbit needs will obviously depend firstly on the size of the rabbit. However, there is the basic rule that the amount of litter it has should cover the floor of its litter tray with a depth of up to 3 inches.

This thickness is consideration the amount of liquid it may potentially need to absorb as well as enough for the rabbits to snuggle into it in order to keep warm and should make them feel comfortable. You need to know, the outdoor rabbit hutch also need litter too.

#2 Is pine litter safe for rabbits?

The face that pine is aromatic softwood and the aroma is produced by chemicals called phenols. There are many conflicting views on whether pine bedding is safe for rabbits or not. These chemicals within pine that can cause some health problems for rabbits, puts a train on the liver.

However, this is only happen on the pine that is untreated. The pine product for rabbits that sold out there has been heat-treated the dangers are all but eliminated. There are many rabbit owner prefer to use pine litter for along ime without a problem.

#3 Can I use cat litter for rabbits?

The answer is absolutely no. Cat litter can be considered as danger for rabbits since cat litter can cause a lot of harm if the rabbits swallow it. And rabbits are rodents so they will be tempted to nibble it.

Cat litter can cause the digestive problems in rabbits and also the dead is possible for them. Not only that, cat litter tents to contain a lot of dust, which can cause respiratory problems for rabbits.

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