Best Reptile Incubator: Hova Bator VS. HappyBuy incubator

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned reptile breeder, the best reptile incubator is absolutely essential to ensure optimum control and proper condition for the developing eggs.

Each incubator has its own pros and cons, it is difficult to choose the incubator that provides proper heating and humidity levels. This article is about two of the most effective, flexible and successful incubators available: Hova Bator 1602N and HappyBuy ReptiPro.

#1 Design

HappyBuy ReptiPro is the upright incubator that looks the same as a tiny fridge with a glass door. It includes the double and movable shelves, which help it maximized the space. It also has the area to add water to the bottom of the box.

The internal dimensions of this incubator are 24x27x37 cm, which means it is quite large in space. Many users are satisfied because of their size and durable design.

Hova Bator is considered as the best small incubator in the world. Hova Bator not only efficient but also the economical method for safely incubate both reptiles and poultry eggs.

Unlike HappyBuy ReptiPro, Hova Bator is chest design, look like the Tupperware box with two glass on the top that allows you to observe your eggs inside. Do not contain double shaves as HappyBuy is one disadvantage since it seems to be limited space for eggs.

#2 Temperature control

The outstanding point of HappyBuy is that it includes a very accurate temperature controller since it is using the digital readout temperature control. It is the ability to maintain the temperature from 0oC to 40oC.

This temperature range is suitable for many different types of reptile eggs.

Hova Bator uses the ventilation system to heat up the air inside the incubator. The fresh air will be drawn through vents and warmed up. You should combine with the best reptile thermostat to get the most accurate temperature.

#3 Heating and cooling systems

There is not much incubator include a cooling and heating system in one equipment like HappyBuy. This allows the uses better at control inside temperature. It can be said that this is the all-rounder product that offers all the features that you need to hatch eggs.

The disadvantage of HovaBator is that it only offers the heating system, not contain the heating system.

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