Buying Guide: Best Punching Bags

Punching bags have come a long way in terms of design and purpose. Whether to get fit, training for a boxing match or you’re a mixed martial arts fighter – using the right punching bag is essential to properly develop your skills.

To help you decide the best punching bags to use, consider the primary purpose you’re using it for. Below are a few factors to help you choose:

#1 Types of bag

Heavy bags are the more common types of bags you’ll see boxers use in most gyms. These bags are great to help you build power and endurance and usually weigh between 70 to 150 pounds. The bags are designed to hang from ceilings, so installing it can be an issue for some homes.

Other types of punching bags that you can find on the market are standing bags, speed bags, uppercut bags, and even human-shaped bags that are ideal for self-defense training. Each type of bag will help in a different kind of workout and requires distinct movements.

#2 Where you’re training

Going to the gym will give you the most options for punching bags. But if you want to blow off some steam whenever you want, then getting the best punching bag for home use is your best bet.

Some things to consider are the space where you’re putting or hanging the bag. A heavy bag is harder to move and install so that you might prefer a standing bag. Also, since you want it to be more durable, the best material for a punching bag is leather, which would outlast canvas bags.

#3 Price of a bag

The cost of punching bags can vary and amount to several hundred dollars, although there are a few good ones that are not expensive at all. The best budget punching bag can be below $50. These are basic empty bags that you need to stuff with various materials. Nevertheless, they can be sturdy and withstand heavy-duty usage.

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