Questions To Ask For First Aquarium Before Going To A Fish Shop Near Me

Keeping an aquarium may be your rewarding experience and brings many benefits. But if you are just a beginner in your keeping fish hobby, there are lots of things you need to research and also lots of questions will come to your mind.

Those frequently asked questions below are all the basic information you need to know before going to fish shop near me and get your first aquarium.

What is the best tank side for a beginner?

If you are earnest about keeping fish, this work will not simple as running out to fish shop near me open now, buying a few goldfish and put them in a bowl. In fact, your fish need more space to live a healthy happy life than a bowl.

Choosing the best aquarium starter kits that suit your budget and space in your room, but this aquarium should be at least 20 gallons. Trying to get the tank as large as you can.

Because the large tank will more stable than the smaller one, there is less of water and temperature fluctuations in the large tank. Moreover, the large tanks also take less effort to clean and change the water.

How many fish should you keep at first?

Before buying fish from fish shop near me pet, you should consider your type of tank and your tank side:

If you are keeping a freshwater tank, the basic rule is to keep 1 inch of fish (without tail) per 1 gallon of water. For your first tank, you should keep fish only 25% of the tank capacity. And then you can increase the number of fish after 3 weeks but not too much at once time.

If you are keeping a saltwater tank, the rule is 3 inches of fish per 1 square of the tank bottom.

Where you should place your tank?

Keep your fish tank far from direct sunlight. Sunlight can lead to the growth of algae. Also sunlight and vents, radiator or air conditioners are the factors that cause the sudden change of water temperature.

Keep the tank away from door, windows and noise. Too much objects or people moving around and the loud sound can make your fish stress.

What kin of equipment you will need?

Filter is essential equipment will help you keep the water clean and remove toxins, waste, algae that built up in the tank

Your fish requires the proper temperature to live, that why you should get a heater and a chiller.

Moreover, air pump, lighting system, gravel vacuum are some other indispensable equipment that you can easy find in every fish shops near me.

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