Basic Information About Fish Tank Filter

Before taking your fish home and place them in their new aquarium, you should finish your work of setting up this aquarium. It is obvious that one of the most essential equipment to keep the water clean is fish tank filter.

Fish waste, excess food, any organic compound, dangerous chemicals and other debris that can harm your fish have to remove from water, fish tank filters will help you do this work and purify the fish tank properly.

But there are some different types of filters available out there: sponge filter, canister filter, hang on back filter, wet/dry filter, internal filter, etc. So this post is what you should know before buying the filter for your tank.

Functions of fish tank filter system

There are 3 functions of fish tank filter system that you can choose to suit your tank:

Mechanical filtration: The debris or floating particulates in the water are made of excess food and other dust will be removed out of the fish tank by passing through a physical barrier of the mechanical process.

Biological filtration: Fish wasted will produce ammonia build up into the water and cause the dead is possible for fish. Biological filtration will help in the elimination of the fishes’ bodily wastes from the tank.

Chemical filtration: This function will use some methods such as carbon to clean up the impurities from water.

Factors to consider when choosing the best filter

#1 Size

If you are keeping the large tank, a more powerful system filtering is the best fish tank filters. The power filers also large in size and take a lot of space, so the external filters such as canister or HOB will be ideal for you.

You also need to consider your blank space. If you do not have much room, so the internal filters such as sponge filter, wet & dry filter may be the best option for you. Because they are sitting inside the tank so they will save the space outside.

#2 Fish preference

Some types of fish prefer a strong current because this will produce stronger outflow, which like what they have in their natural habitat.

But if you keep the breeding fishes, the filter with a gentle outflow such as sponge filter will more suit your tank.

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