Come and join in! Try a Free Introductory Lesson with Thailand Krav Maga in Phuket for free! Dates T.B.A.

A 60 minute Free Introductory Lesson to give you a good idea of what Krav Maga and Krav Maga Training is all about. You will get a good idea of how the lessons and teaching systems are structured. This free lesson gives you an introduction to Krav Maga Training and will show you how your body reacts under pressure and some of the body’s natural instinctive behaviours and how these instinctive responses form the core of Krav Maga.

The Krav Maga Training in the Free Introductory Lesson will introduce you to some of the “families of defences” and how one defence can work against different attacks.

The Free Introductory Lesson is usually 11:00 till 12 noon at the weekend.

Train in comfortable loose clothing, shorts are fine.

Wear trainers or tennis shoes (or martial arts training shoes if you have them) and bring a bottle of water.

The Free Introductory Lesson covers 60 minutes of Krav Maga Training in self defence. 60 minutes is not a long time but we will cover a few of the blocks and counter-attacks to roundhouse type punches. We’ll also work on some releases from chokes and strangles and you are welcome to ask as many questions as you wish!

What happens after the Free Introductory Lesson? If Krav Maga and Krav Maga Training is what you’re looking for then the next step will be the Induction Course – a four hour course where we cover some more core basics of Krav Maga including more defences against attacks from around the body. Counter-attacking and angles and distances of attack.

After the induction then you can choose your Krav Maga training programme. You can choose to train by modules which are designed to take you through the syllabi in a logical manner starting with the most common types of attacks and through to the least common. Maybe time is an issue and you can’t commit to regular modular type training and adhoc classes suit you better. Or maybe you prefer more intensive Krav Maga Training such as fast Track or Private tuition?

The choice is yours but which ever programme suits you best, you will be getting the best Krav Maga Training available today.

About me

Alwyn is the Director and acting Chief Instructor for The IKMF – Thailand and has been teaching Krav Maga since qualifying as an IKMF instructor in 1996. Alwyn has taught Krav Maga to thousands of people around the world in regular classes, courses and seminars and is one of the most enlightening and entertaining and skilled instructors anywhere.

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