Oils Derived From Cannabis

Nowadays, there are many products derived from cannabis that we can find in the market. Many of them are used for recreational purposes but the number of those that have been designed to treat health problems has been increasing progressively. Due to this existing variety, it is important to learn how to differentiate the different types of oils from marijuana as well as to know their uses and how they can be employed.

First of all, we must know what the components of cannabis are since they play a fundamental role in each product. They are THC (Tetrahidrocannabinol) and the CBD (Cannabidiol) both are known as phytocannabinoids that, upon coming into contact with the organism, exert action on the central and peripheral nervous system as well as on the immune system. The first is psychoactive so its administration should be done with much more care.

The most marketed cannabis byproduct is oil. Knowing this, we proceed then to explain each of the types that exist. We start with the most powerful of them, the Rick Simpson Oil, better known as RSO. This is a powerful substance made from a concentrated extract that is removed from cannabis. It is high in THC, so it is psychoactive. The extraction process with which it is obtained allows it to be extracted without suffering any type of alteration, which leaves us a pure compound much more complete than others. This oil is used in the treatment of chronic diseases because it is able to reduce its symptoms and acts quickly to relieve pain. It has a dark color and odor but can be administered directly orally or sublingually, however, its use is banned in many countries due to its high concentration in THC so it can be difficult to obtain it and medical supervision is recommended while it is consumed.

On the other hand, we have the CBD oil. This product is gaining popularity nowadayd because it has the biggest amount of medicinal properties with fewer side effects. Its intake directly influences the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which allows it to be helpful in treating diseases linked to the nervous system such as epilepsy and seizures. Its high content in CBD allows it to counteract effects of THC, which leaves us a product that can be used for anxiolytic and antipsychotic purposes without running the risk of being affected by psychotropic substances.

Finally, we have hemp oil. In this case, we talk about the same plant, however, it is cultivated in different ways. Cannabis has buds with high THC content, which makes it a psychotropic product. For its part, hemp is a type of cannabis grown in such a way that more fiber is obtained so it is reduced in THC level. This oil has as its main characteristic being made from low concentrations of cannabinoids and, in addition, has medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties since it is composed of those essential oils that the human being requires, such as omega 3 and omega 6.

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