The Road Rage seminar is a four hour session. Learn how to defend yourself in road rage situations. Learn how to approach your car, where and when to get your keys out, and what to do if tou are attacked whilst approaching your car. Learn where to be when you are in a car park with a car next to you or blocking you in. Train against being attacked while you are in a car. There are lots of different scenarios including hitch-hikers or maybe a client refusing a cab fare.

You will learn the Krav Maga way to defend yourself from an attacker who is in the car with you, bot sat beside you and sat behind you. You will train counter-attacks when the attacker is in the car with you. You will train defences against an attacker who is outside the car and attacking you through the window and how to effectively counter attack in this situation. you will receive training on how to exit your car quickly and safely without trying yourself up with the seat belt, how to use your car as a weapon and how to use your car to move another car without crippling your own vehicle.

This Road Rage course was originally developed by Chief Instructor Alwyn Dixon back in 1996 when he was the director of the IKMF (UK) together with Eyal Yanilov who was then chief instructor and chairman of the IKMF . Over the years the course has been enhanced with input from Krav Maga Instructors from around the World. This one of our most popular courses and is also one of the IKMF’s most popular courses around the World

The course is put together with a lot of techniques from our anti-terrorist and VIP protection syllabus, this seminar has no equal. Highly recommended

About me

Alwyn is the Director and acting Chief Instructor for The IKMF – Thailand and has been teaching Krav Maga since qualifying as an IKMF instructor in 1996. Alwyn has taught Krav Maga to thousands of people around the world in regular classes, courses and seminars and is one of the most enlightening and entertaining and skilled instructors anywhere.

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