The need for exceptionally trained VIP Close Protection Professional is continuously growing. This need for professionally trained and equipped Securty Operatives is well recognised.

Media personnel, businessmen, executives, sports personalities, politicians, executives, VIPs, movie stars, bankers, and their families Criminals are targets for today’s criminal who are becoming more and more sophisticated.  Change of political balance, revenge, fame, robbery and ransoms are just few of the typical reasons behind a kidnappings. No matter the reasons, kidnaps on VIPs almost always end in the death of the kidnapped person.

LEARN FROM THE BEST – VIP and Close Protection Course

Why learn with us? Our professional VIP and close protection course trains close protection o[eratives the skill sets to ensure the safety of VIPs in threatening situations. It is the job of the Close Protection Operative to ensure the safety of his VIP and maybe the family too. The problems presented to the Close Protection Operatives vary globally. Different countries can present different challenges and different threats. The IDF (Israeli Defence Forces), trained by the (International Krav Maga Federation) IKMF has earned a reputation for training VIP Protection Operatives with an effective and efficient system. The IKMF is equally famous for training Special Forces, SWAT teams and counter-terrorism units Worldwide. Israel and the IKMF is World famous for it’s training systems and methods. In a joint venture with the IKMF, Thailand Krav Maga provides the highest level of VIP protection instruction and training available today.

Our VIP and Close Protection course is led by a team of highly qualified instructors which will guarantee you enjoy an experience you will never forget.

You simply can’t get a course of this quality anywhere else in the World. These courses are only held once or twice a year so enquire early.

Acceptance to the VIP and Close Protection course is dependent upon specific credentials and recommendations. Please contact us for information about the credentials and recommendations required.

Contact us for further details at [email protected]

As courses are tailor made for each industry or company, VIP and Close Protection Courses vary in syllabi and length. Contact us and tell us about your requirements so we can advise you on which course is best suited to you.

About me

Alwyn is the Director and acting Chief Instructor for The IKMF – Thailand and has been teaching Krav Maga since qualifying as an IKMF instructor in 1996. Alwyn has taught Krav Maga to thousands of people around the world in regular classes, courses and seminars and is one of the most enlightening and entertaining and skilled instructors anywhere.

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