Our youth training program focuses on teaching practical and effective self defense in a fun, dynamic, and encouraging environment. Based on the Krav Maga system, it is unlike traditional martial arts. Function over form is designed to bring kids to a very high level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time. The Krav Maga Training is sepecifically designed for kids and youths and both groups get cuting edge training relative to their age groups. The IKMF run special Instructor Courses for teaching youths and children so they get taught appropriately and professionally.

We generally train kids seperately from youths and adults and youths generally seperately again from adults although we do mix adults and youths occassionally so youths can practice defences against bigger and stronger attackers. Krav Maga Training is reality based so it is necessary to include some pressure with youths but not with younger children as they can react adversely.

Krav Maga Training for kids is based around games which keep the kids attenetive and help build reaction times and co-ordination skills

Self defence is the core of the youth training programme but everything is taken into consideration when training. How big is your attacker? How many attackers are there? Is the attacker serious about attacking or just posturing for effect? Practical life skills and of course physical fitness are also a part of the  Youth Training Programme. Youths learn to respect their peers and mix with others more readily as they will generally gain more self confidence as training progresses. With Krav Maga Training for youths the level of aggression in counter-attacking is less than the aggression levels taught to adults for obvious reasons but the defences are exactly the same. Through our Youth training classes and courses youths learn to understand when to be nice and when to be tough!

About me

Alwyn is the Director and acting Chief Instructor for The IKMF – Thailand and has been teaching Krav Maga since qualifying as an IKMF instructor in 1996. Alwyn has taught Krav Maga to thousands of people around the world in regular classes, courses and seminars and is one of the most enlightening and entertaining and skilled instructors anywhere.

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